About Us

As you come in the door at Ystwyth Books you’ll find a list of subjects covered and which floor to visit.

Staff will do their best to find items or show you or areas of the shop to browse.

The larger room on the ground floor has new copies of English and Welsh books. The rest of the shop has a second hand selection of many subjects plus Welsh language literature but there are 2 rooms of books in Welsh in storage on the top floor – please ask to browse these. Irish, Breton and Cornish texts are also available.

General paperback fiction is on the stairs.

A particular specialization is Natural History, the Environment and some Earth Sciences in a room at the rear of the shop.

The shop is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm but closed on Sundays.

We are also online at www.abebooks.com or www.biblio.com under Ystwyth Books.

You can also support by shopping on Hive.co.uk and choosing Ystwyth Books at the checkout.